European Sheep - 100% Quality

European Sheep - 100% Quality is a European programme on information provision and promotion measures for sheep meat and sheep milk cheese products of the best quality. It is a three-year (2015-2018) initiative target specifically for the internal countries of Germany, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria.

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European Sheep - 100% Quality is co-funded by the European Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and by the National Association of Milky Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria (NARMOB).

The National Association of Milky Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria, the proposing organisation, consists of almost 400 farmers from 20 districts from all over the country, who breed over 65.000 ewes. Besides farmers, members of the Association are many dairies and meat processing plants and two scientific Institutes.

Project value: 3.705.096 EUR

This programme focuses on increasing the awareness about the high quality European sheep products, in particular cheese and meat, making the target groups conscious of the main quality of sheep products and their differences from other animal products. Stimulating consumption is a secondary step, which could happen only after having delivered high quality information to the target group, in particular to the consumers.

  • Participation in International Food Exhibitions in:
    • Germany:
      • in Cologne, October 2015
      • in Stuttgart, November 2015

Fixme Anuga 2017 is commented out as participation is still uncertain *** in Cologne 2017

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