Release the European Taste

Release the European Taste is a European programme on information provision and promotion measures for processed fruit and vegetable products of the best quality. It is a three-year (2014-2017) initiative targeted specifically for the third countries of Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Release the European Taste is co-funded by the European Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and by the Union of the Processors of Fruits and Vegetables (UPFV) from Bulgaria.

The Union of the Processors of Fruits and Vegetables, the proposing organisation, is a member alliance with a national representativeness of 61.5% where its members hold 76.4% of the national market and cover all the producing and processing regions of Bulgaria.

Project value: 3.759.660 EUR

This programme focuses on promoting 4 categories of processed fruit and vegetable products such as Tomato-based products (Lyutenitsa, pickled tomatoes), Roasted and Fried vegetables (roasted peppers, ratatouille, imambayalda, grilled vegetables), Jams and Marmalades (Apricot jam, Rose Jam, Sour cherry jam, Peach marmalade) and Fruits in syrup (Peaches in syrup, sour cherries, apricots). These products are made of the best European quality and produced under the best cultivation practices and environmental standards as healthy produce.

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