Quality European Milk Products

Quality European Milk Products is a European programme on information provision and promotion measures for dairy products coming from the Czech Republic, which has a quality system fully harmonized with the European Union. It is a three-year (2013-2016) initiative targeted specifically for the third countries of Russia and Ukraine.

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Quality European Milk Products is co-funded by the European Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (State Agricultural Intervention Fund) and by the Czech and Moravian Dairy Association (ČMSM).

The Czech and Moravian Dairy Association, the proposing organisation, is a professional organisation representing companies operating in dairy industry or directly connected with this sector. The association was founded at the beginning of transformation of the Czech economy in the early 1990. The members are dairies, further sales organisations, technology, packaging and components suppliers, professional schools, consulting and services companies. With the respect to the volumes of milk produced in the Czech Republic, ČMSM members cover approximately a half of the output.

Project value: 3.860.000 EUR

This programme focuses on promoting three popular and highly valuable representatives of a broad portfolio of milk such as Dairy spreads, Curd and Curd-based products and Yoghurt. The fundamental principle for all Czech milk processors is in their activities stringent quality control, product safety and traceability leading to the satisfaction of consumers in all countries where the products are delivered. The system covers the entire vertical column often referred to as "from field to fork".

  • Participation in International Food Exhibitions in:
    • Russia:
      • in Moscow, February 2016
      • in Saint-Petersburg, November 2015
      • Dairy & Meat Industry in Moscow, March 2014
      • in Moscow, February 2014
      • in Saint-Petersburg, November 2013
    • Ukraine:
      • in Kyiv, October 2015
      • in Kyiv, April 2015
      • in Kyiv, November 2014
      • in Kyiv, October 2014

  • Press Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Billboards
  • City Light Boxes

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