Look @ the Egg

Look @ the Egg is a European programme on information provision about the codes on the eggs. Each European Egg has a code, this is the egg identity card; it shows information on the egg, the rearing system and the date that the egg is best used by. It is a two-year (2013-2015) initiative targeted specifically for the internal European markets of Greece and Romania.

Visit the dedicated Look @ The Egg website

Look @ the Egg is co-funded by the European Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and by the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers (BAAP).

The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers, the proposing organisation, is a non-profit legal entity, registered in September 2004. Since its very inception, the organization has been dedicating its efforts to the protection of its members' interests, providing assistance to their activities and to the resolving of acute problems in the agricultural sector of Bulgaria.

Project value: 1.894.568 EUR

This programme focuses on informing about the four (4) different categories of EU eggs, all are safe and all are marked for your information and convenience.

Official website of the project : www.LookAThEgg.eu
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