EU Cheese Please!

EU Cheese Please! is a multi-national European programme on information provision and promotion measures for European cheeses (Halloumi, Kefalotyri, Anari, White Brine Cheese and Kashkaval) of the best quality. It is a three-year (2009-2012) initiative targeted specifically for the third countries of Russia and Ukraine.

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EU Cheese Please is co-funded by the European Commission, the Governments of Cyprus and Bulgaria, the Pancyprian Organisation of Cattle Farmers (POCF) Public Ltd and the Bulgarian Association of Dairy Processors (BADP).

Project value: 4.988.000 EUR

This programme focuses on promoting some traditional European cheeses such as: Halloumi, White Brine Cheese, Kefalotyri, Anari and Kashkaval, all having distinctive characteristics and being made under strict and rigorous European controls.

Some of the activities were:

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