European Quality Cheese

European Quality Cheese is a European programme on information provision and promotion measures for dairy products, in particular quality cheese. It is a three-year (2015-2018) initiative target specifically for the third countries of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates.

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European Quality Cheese is co-funded by the European Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and by the Bulgarian Association of Dairy Processors (BADP).

The Bulgarian Association of Dairy Processors, the proposing organisation, was established in March 1991 and is a voluntary association of dairy producers in the country. The association members are 73 strong industrial companies and have a proeminent representativeness of Bulgarian milk and dairy market.

Project value: 3.971.788 EUR

This programme focuses on increasing the awareness about the high quality European cheeses, in particular White Brine Cheese and Kashkaval Cheese. Stimulating consumption is a secondary step, which could happen only after having delivered high quality information to the target group, in particular to the consumers.

  • Participation in International Food Exhibitions and Fairs in:
    • U.A.E.:
      • in Dubai, February - March 2017
      • in Abu Dhabi, December 2016
      • in Dubai, November 2016
    • Azerbaijan:
      • in Baku, May 2016
    • Kazakhstan:
      • in Almaty, November 2016
  • Thematic Dinners

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  • Press Advertising

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